Somfy MyLink

Habitat is proud to offer Somfy Home Automation & Comfort Solutions. The Somfy MyLink system offers convenient control and automation of your window fashions. Click to download the brochure for more information.



Oasis Roller Shades

Habitat’s Oasis Roller Shade Collection feature fabrics and hardware systems from many of the industry’s most respected companies - Mermet®, RollEase® and Phifer®, to name just a few.

The Oasis Roller Shade Collection is divided into two categories - Screen Fabrics, consisting of a vast range of popular sun-filtering designs, many of which are GREENGUARD In-door Air Quality Certified®, in colours, textures and degrees of openness to satisfy any commercial and residential application and Designer Fabrics, offering traditional patterns, weaves, textures and elegant designs from around the world that are guaranteed to satisfy the appetites of the most discerning tastes. All Oasis Roller Shades are manufactured using the top-of-the-line RollEase® SkylineTM hardware system featuring the smoothest operating clutches in a modern, sleek and rounded design complemented by a full range of the most popular and unique options, colours and accessories the industry has to offer.

Impressions Roller Shades

Habitat’s Impressions collection is the perfect fit for those who love colour and texture. Daring and bold, perfect for that expressive individual. Impressions designer shades instill character in any room setting and offer different degrees of opacity ranging from sheer to room darkening fabrics making them ideal for any room in your home. Let your imagination go wild with Impressions.

Sonoma Soft Shadings

Habitat’s Sonoma Soft Shadings offer you the privacy of a window shade, the softened view of a sheer and the light control and versatility of a horizontal blind all-in-one beautifully elegant and innovatively-engineered product.
The soft fabric vanes of Sonoma Soft Shadings are suspended between two sheer fabric facings. In the fully lowered position, the vanes can be tilted open for more light and view or closed for total privacy or anywhere in between - so easy, so beautiful!
Sonoma Soft Shadings are also very energy efficient. In the open position, Sonoma Soft Shadings block as much as 89% of harmful UV rays and when closed, command an impressive 99% UV protection.
Sonoma Soft Shadings operate effortlessly and with exacting precision by means of its continuous cord loop and clutch system. The system allows for easy operation of shades on even large expansive windows.

Eclipse™ Vinyl Shutters

Habitat's Eclipse™ Shutters integrate elegantly with a wide variety of architectural styles and designer sensibilities. They transform ordinary windows into inspiring highlights of the home, making them the perfect complement to the Habitat family. Eclipse™ Shutters are for windows everywhere - formal living rooms, rough-and-tumble playrooms, especially busy kitchens and steamy bathrooms. From traditional to contemporary, Eclipse™ Shutters are the perfect fit.

Footprints Cellular Shades

Habitat’s Footprints Cellular Shades have the look and feel of fabric with superior appearance and softness, plus deep, even coloration that won’t fade even in full-sun locations. Footprints Cellular Shades feature top and bottom rails that are colour coordinated for a uniform look. The unique hexagonal cell shape of these window coverings provides substantial insulation with little weight, keeping rooms warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Loss of energy through windows can account for 10 to 20 percent of a home’s heating and cooling costs. Habitat provides a full line of energy efficient, beautifully matched fabrics that easily blend and coordinate with your existing home décor. When choosing a cellular shade for your home, both R-Value and solar heat gain should be considered since both factors are used to calculate how a shade can reduce your heating and cooling costs. Footprints Cellular Shades work to address both, providing additional insulation and eliminating air flow through the shade while providing filtered light.

Footprints Longitudes Cellular Vertical Shades

Habitat’s Footprints Longitudes Cellular Shades offer the perfect alternative when searching for options for sliding glass door window treatments. Footprints Longitudes’ Cellular Shade system is light weight and slides back and forth on it’s stylish track system with a push of a finger. Our Footprints Longitudes Cellular Shade’s fluid-like operating system is engineered for wide expanses of window to be covered with effortless operation and minimal fabric stacking. Footprints Longitudes Vertical Cellular Shades offer incredible light control and are ideal for lifestyles that involve shift work.

Seasons Pleated Shades

Habitat’s Seasons Pleated Shade Collection offer the best of both worlds - an inviting mix of fashion and function. Offering elegant colours, subtle textures as well as inviting tone on tone fabrics in an array of lift systems and options to satisfy the most challenging windows.

The elegance of Habitat Seasons Pleated Shades are a result of a single layer of folded fabric that filters light and provides privacy when drawn closed. Habitat Seasons Pleated Shades are a soft alternative to traditional blinds and shades, and are available in many configurations, including styles for angled and arched windows. Seasons Pleated Shades are made from 100% polyester and are also suitable for rooms with high humidity, such as kitchens and bathrooms

Mirage Retractable Screens

Habitat is pleased to offer Mirage Retractable Screens as an attractive, versatile, and practical option for every household. As easy to measure and install as a standard roller shade, Mirage Retractable Screens are a natural fit to Habitat's product offering and presents huge opportunities to grow your sales and expand your market.

Nature's Fine Wood Blinds

Real wood, for some, there’s simply no alternative. Whether it’s a solid colour or rich wood stain, wood has a presence that for many is so welcome and appreciated. Nature’s 2” Fine Wood Blinds will not disappoint.

Woodstock Fauxwood Blinds

Woodstock 2” Fauxwood blind is the perfect choice for the discerning consumer when value and the popular look of a 2” horizontal blind is desired. Durability and easy maintenance make Woodstock the ideal blind for the demands of everyday life.

Textures 2” Horizontal Vinyl Blinds

As unique as your personality. This amazing collection of finishes, patterns and designs are best described in the name itself, Textures. On it's own or combined with a wood valance, bottomrail and tassels make the design options endless!

Era Two Inch Aluminum Horizontal Blinds

Bold is better and Habitat’s Era Two-Inch is all bold. Offering fashion and dependability in a window covering treatment that fits any decorating style while providing years of trouble-free service, Habitat’s Era Two-Inch aluminum horizontal blind does it all. The robust Era Two-Inch is available in seventeen designer colours including two colours in perforated providing even more design and light control options.

Century One Inch Aluminum Horizontal Blinds

Habitat’s Century One-Inch aluminum horizontal blinds are designed with versatility in mind. The light 6-gauge aluminum slat provides the ultimate in light control and privacy without associated weight issues. Engineered to provide years of problem-free operation, Century One-Inch blinds are endorsed and specified by leading architects and designers.

Landscapes Vertical Blinds

Habitat’s Landscapes Vertical Blinds create an unsurpassed balance between elegance and functionality. From vinyl to fabric, our Landscapes Vertical Blinds collection gives versatility and allows you to design a window that complements any décor with controlled light management.
Habitat’s Landscapes Vertical Blinds also bring together practicality and durability. The ability to angle the vanes, be it with an elegant fabric or bold vinyl pattern, Landscapes Vertical Blinds let you control the light in any room perfectly managing the transmission, absorption and reflection of light. Landscapes Vertical Blinds are truly, light in motion
In addition, Habitat’s Landscapes Vertical Blinds are ideal for use in rooms with large expansive windows and high ceilings. Landscapes Vertical Blind’s great adaptability to different textures and patterns in both fabric and vinyl makes it indispensable in the most contemporary and select settings and can be adapted for practically any demanding window requirement such as staircases, vaulted lofts, and modern architectural spaces.

Revolve Transitional Shades

Revolve Transitional Shades Collection is a unique fusion of roller shade technology with the utility of venetian blinds. Utilizing advanced weaving techniques, the horizontal lines of Revolve Transitional Shades fabrics create panoramic views unobstructed by cords. Revolve Transitional Shades fabrics consist of two layers of translucent and opaque horizontal striped fabric. The front layer moves independently of the back layer allowing the bold stripes to glide between each other creating an open and closed effect, with limitless light control.
Unlike traditional roller fabrics, these modern fabrics can be aligned to achieve view through or privacy, while preserving a soft natural light. Sliding the fabric into a closed ‘opaque-opaque’ position allows full privacy and an impressive block of beautiful fabric at your window.
This product is GreenGuard certified and can be used within a hospital or commercial environment.